New Platform For Hacks is a new platform for the hack! The site has been running for a while but you will already find hacks for games like Mobile Legends,  etc.


What is a Cheat or hack?

Both could be, depending on the precise activity being alleged. “Cheating” is doing something contrary to an agreed-upon set of rules (in the context of a computer game, this usually means a “cheat code” that players consider it ungentlemanly to use); “Hacking” is altering an existing system to behave in a different way (in a computer game, editing or supplementing game code)

Hacking could be a higher level of cheating because hacking could include more skills than simply cheating by using cheat codes.

However, the cheat codes can actually modify the game. So, to conclude, if we are actually to use the proper word for it, it should be hacking, not just cheating.


How do works? 

It is very easy to use, just open the site, search for the game you want, and click on Hack It Now button, get the resources you want for free!

Every hack has its own instructions, so you will not be disappointed!