Stunning Homes – For those who love Relax

From the traffic jams, the contaminated air, the gossiping of the neighbors and the tiredness of the city, I’m sure at least once you are thinking about living alone. 


I want to introduce you to places that are really designed to rest and leisure:

1. Bosnia and Herzegovina

Image credit: imgur.com


2.Bojinji Lake, Slovakia.

Image credit: Merlin Kafka


3. West Greenland

Image credit: Carsten Egevang


4. Slovakia

Image credit: Suman Bobba


5. Norway

Image credit: Leo van der Sanden



დაა შემოდგომით..

image credit: Bozhidar Baychev


7. Switzerland

Image credit: PixxlTeufel


7. Norway

Image credit: JillyPearce


8. River Drain, Serbia.

Image credit: Irene Becker


9. House on the Island, Iceland

შორი ხედით..

Image credit: Christopher Lynn~


10. Rodopian Mountains

Image credit: Evgeni Dinev


11. Hungary

Image credit: Péter Busa




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