Surami Fortress

The Surami Fortress is from the Middle Ages, located in the Georgia(Country),  in the northern part of the town of Surami in the Khashuri municipality. It is on the left bank of Suramuli River on the rocky hill. It’s important as a historical, monumental art. The fortress is located on two main roads.


Surami Fortress on map?

The Surami fortress complex includes:
  1. The fence, which follows the relief and has a difficult arrangement, as the builders have used all of the cladding casing. There is a piece of grass and hawk stone. Several construction layers will be distinguished. The entrance is in the middle of the northern wall. Here are the steps in the rock.
  2.  The castle, with an area of ​​1200 sq.m. and consists of two parts: the inner prison and the lower yard.
  3.  St. George church is located in the south-eastern part of the lower courtyard. Built in XI-XII centuries.
  4. The palace was located in the western section of the lower courtyard. It is badly damaged: only two floors of ruins remain.

Surami Fortress 4K Video


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